Introduction to Serial RapidIO® by IDT

This video presents an educational overview of the RapidIO architecture and ecosystem. The RapidIO architecture is a high-performance packet-switched, interconnect technology for interconnecting chips on a circuit board, and circuit boards to each other using a backplane. This technology is designed specifically for embedded systems, primarily for the networking, communications, and signal processing markets.

Serial RapidIO solutions from IDT include switching and bridging products that are ideal for building peer-to-peer multi-processor systems with 100ns latency, low power consumption, reliable packet termination — all with industry-standard based support at up to 20 Gbps per port. IDT’s Serial RapidIO solutions are ideal for wireless base station infrastructure, video, server, imaging, military and industrial control applications.

Video presented by Barry Wood, Expert Applications Engineer at IDT. To learn more about IDT’s rich portfolio of RapidIO switches and bridges, visit

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