RapidIO Intellectual Property (Patent) Information

Completed RapidIO specifications are available to the public for download from the RapidIO web site. Given this fact, why should a company join our Trade Association? Several reasons exist:

  1. Specification errata become available to members long before a revised version of the specification becomes available on the website.
  2. Your RapidIO semiconductor requires a vendor ID. The RapidIO Trade Association only assigns vendor IDs to members.
  3. Only members get access to the RapidIO Bus Functional Models.
  4. The RapidIO patent policy was updated in October of 2002 to anticipate the eventual approval of the RapidIO technology as an International Standard. When approval as an International Standard occurs then RapidIO member companies will be bound by the IPR policy of the ISO. Until that occurs RapidIO member companies are bound by the IPR of the RapidIO Trade Association only. The RapidIO IPR policy is described in Section 5 of the RapidIO Trade Association Membership Agreement.

As of February of 2007 one patent disclosure received of essential RapidIO patents – Ref.