Military & Aerospace Applications

Military & Aerospace Applications

Over the last several years, Aerospace and Military electronic systems have become increasingly network-centric, relying more and more on the quality of the data they receive from sensors on land, at sea, and in the air. These systems require high bandwidth combined with low latency to move the data quickly from chip to chip, box to box, and system to system.


In today’s MilAero systems, these performance requirements are satisfied through high-speed fabrics; the two clear choices among system designers are Ethernet (GigE and 10GigE variants) and RapidIO.

RapidIO has solidified a dominant market position within intensive signal-processing applications like radar and sonar.


The RapidIO community works closely with the VITA Standards Organization to specify the use of RapidIO Fabrics within the OpenVPX (VITA 65) backplane standard and the SpaceVPX (VITA 78) backplane standard.

The SpaceVPX Systems Specification was created to bridge the VPX standards to the space market. SpaceVPX is a space-capable variation of the OpenVPX industry standard.

The primary focus is to enhance the OpenVPX standard with features required by space applications, such as single-point failure tolerance, spare module support, redundancy, management, and status and diagnostic support.

RapidIO Fabrics are well suited for demanding, performance critical Military & Aerospace applications delivering key performance metrics such as best in class switch cut through latency of ~100ns, lossless data flow, small footprint and lowest overall power consumption when compared to other fabric technologies.

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