RapidIO.org is a non-profit corporation controlled by its members. The Trade Association directs the future development that drives the adoption of the RapidIO fabric technology. Join this collaborative team today to help influence the future of the RapidIO standard.

RapidIO Fact Sheet

Please review the information on this page for details about joining the trade association. If you have any membership questions, please contact us.

RapidIO Trade Association Charter
Restrictions on Membership
Membership Levels
Summary of Membership Benefits
Membership Dues

RapidIO.org Charter

RapidIO.org’s mission is to promote the common business interest of providers to the networking, telecom, storage, signal processor and high performance embedded applications industries through the conduct of a forum for the development of specifications and related activities that:

  1. Support the creation of interoperable, scalable and reliable I/O products, networking and communications systems and technologies;
  2. Are based on a high performance, packet-switched, system-level interconnect that addresses the needs of a broad range of networking, telecom, storage, signal processing, and high performance embedded applications products and technologies; and
  3. Are limited to those elements required to enable, promote, or improve communications, interoperability, and connectivity between products developed in compliance with the specifications.

This includes promoting its specifications as industry-wide standards, issuing design guidelines relating to its specifications; presenting activities that promote the use of the specifications; and providing for the licensing or publication of the specifications on reasonable and non-discriminatory terms.

Restrictions on Membership

The RapidIO legal charter restricts membership to the following:

The Member is a commercial enterprise that is a user, manufacturer, seller, or supplier of networking, telecom, storage, signal processing, or high performance embedded applications products and technologies, or related peripherals, software, or other similar products or services.

If you are a government or university, please contact us for more information about joining.

Membership Levels

The RapidIO Trade Association has 3 levels of participation:

Steering Committee ($15,000.00 / year)

The Steering Committee members are the board of directors. Steering Committee members may chair working groups, and are fully represented in all trade events and RapidIO collateral material. The Steering Committee sets the direction of the RapidIO Trade Association. The Steering Committee approves all working groups and working group chairs as well as providing final approval of specifications as RapidIO standards.

Regular Member ($9,500.00 / year)

Regular Members are eligible to participate in membership and workgroup meetings and have access to RapidIO specifications released and under development. Regular members may obtain access to the RapidIO bus functional models through the BFM/Verification Task Group.      Regular Members may have other benefits as determined by the Steering Committee.

Auditing Participant ($2,500.00 / year)

Auditing participants have access to public RapidIO specifications and bulletin boards. Auditing participants receive RapidIO member updates on specification development progress, customer opportunities and meeting reports. Guest attendance at workgroup meetings is available for limited meetings, with approval from the workgroup chair; as an opportunity to determine if becoming a Regular Member is of interest. They may attend annual all member meetings. Auditing participants may have other benefits as determined by the Steering Committee. Auditing participants do not have voting privileges or access to the BFM.  This level of membership is for academic institutions.

All companies, regardless of the level at which they choose to become members, benefit from being associated with the best-of-breed companies within the RapidIO Trade Association.

Summary of Membership Benefits

Member Level
Benefit Steering Regular Auditing
Eligible for a steering committee seat Yes No No
Participation at trade and customer sales event hosted by the RTA Yes At discretion of Exec. Dir. No
Chairing of working groups Yes Yes No
Inclusion in RapidIO collateral Yes At discretion of Exec. Dir. No
RapidIO-related press releases supported by RTA Yes Yes No
Participate in working groups Yes Yes – At invitation of chair Yes – At invitation of chair
Access through license agreement RapidIO Bus Functional Model Yes Yes No
Voting Priviledges Yes Yes No
Assigned Vendor ID Yes Yes No
Offer Semiconductor Level RapidIO Products Yes Yes No
Access to members site libraries, monitoring access to workgroups Yes Yes Yes
Access to public specs Yes Yes Yes
Inclusion in members email lists Yes Yes Yes
Access to RapidIO bulletin board Yes Yes Yes

Membership Dues

Annual membership dues will be associated with each level of membership and will be set by the Steering Committee. These fees will permit the association to adhere to the nonprofit 501(c)6 regulations. All fees are initially directed at the administration, legal and public relations of the association and are payable to the association by each class of member. The fee structure is subject to change by resolution of the Steering Committee.