Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

Many Industrial Automation applications such as motion control or image processing have very demanding requirements including high availability, precise performance and distributed, multi-node configurations. As such, careful consideration must be given to the overall system architecture and in particular, the system fabric deployed within these applications is a key element in driving overall performance.
For applications ranging from nanometer-accurate motion control to real-time image processing, RapidIO Fabrics deliver key performance metrics such as best in class switch cut through latency of ~100ns, lossless data flow, small footprint and lowest overall power consumption when compared to other fabric technologies.


Some of the key benefits of using RapidIO Fabrics in Industrial Applications include:

  • System topology flexibility and scalability
  • Lossless fabric with guaranteed forward progress and deterministic data delivery
  • Low-latency for real-time applications
  • Low footprint enabling high density designs
  • Mainstream Linux supported functions:
    • Hot-swap capable
    • Dynamic configuration
    • Real-time diagnostics with fast localization of failures
    • System discovery and enumeration
    • OpenMPI ready

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