Autonomous Systems Applications

With the acceleration of the autonomous systems market in recent years, the urgency of ensuring that systems are as safe and reliable as possible has become ever more apparent. Such systems require high bandwidth while at the same time low latency to perform mission critical tasks in real time.

There are many challenges involved in implementing sensor fusion in the autonomous systems market such as:

  • Scalability: Large numbers of sensors delivering high-bandwidth data
  • Latency: Critical when actionable results are needed in a real time environment
  • Determinism: Variability in latency is problematic where data streams need to be correlated
  • Availability: Failure of these systems can often result loss of life or property
  • Power: Particularly important in battery powered systems

Currently RapidIO technology provides the optimum solutions for sensor fusion challenges. In contrast with competing protocols, RapidIO offers peer to peer connectivity, low deterministic latency and high availability features such as High Availability/Redundant System Hardware (HARSH) profiles. RapidIO also provides a rich range of packet semantics including; non-coherent shared memory, cache coherent shared memory, streaming data, messaging and time synchronization.