RapidIO®, the unified fabric for performance critical computing, addresses needs in Data Center & HPC, Communications Infrastructure, Industrial Automation and Military & Aerospace markets by offering high reliability, increased bandwidth, and low latency in an intra-system unified fabric. RapidIO provides chip-to-chip, board-to-board and shelf to shelf peer to peer connectivity at performance levels scaling to 100s of Gigabits per second and beyond.

RapidIO.org, a non-profit corporation controlled by its members, directs the future development and drives the adoption of RapidIO. Members of RapidIO.org have access to and participate in the development RapidIO interconnect architecture specifications, reference designs and bus functional models.

ARM, Huawei, IDT and Western Digital comprise the RapidIO.org Steering Committee.

The Steering Committee manages the organization and appoints the Technical and the Marketing Working Groups. The Working Groups coordinate the activities of various Task Groups. The working groups are chartered by the Steering Committee, and chaired by any member composition determined by the Working Group Chairman. Co-chair positions will be used for critical functions.


RapidIO technology is an established, scalable, packet-switched, high-performance fabric specifically developed to address the needs of equipment designers in the data center, analytics, wireless infrastructure, edge networking, storage, scientific, military and industrial markets. Under active development since June 1997, the RapidIO standard represents continued commitment of the organization to addressing the needs of the ever changing computing, networking and communications applications.

RapidIO History

RapidIO.org, a non-profit corporation controlled by its members, directs the development and drives the adoption of the RapidIO architecture. The organization brings together the right ecosystem to help developers build embedded systems using the RapidIO architecture. Developers will find that the RapidIO ecosystem offers a critical mass of products on the market today – including a wide assortment of end-points, which can minimize the amount of bridging required in a design.

RapidIO.org membership represents a ‘who’s who’ of leading electronics companies. Companies interested in being part of this best-in-class team are invited to join RapidIO.org. Members of the association have access to the RapidIO architecture specifications, are able to participate in specification development, and can attend all member meetings.