Praesum Communications Introduces Serial RapidIO® Streaming Endpoint Core for Microchip PolarFire® FPGAs

Portland, Oregon. (March 1, 2021). Praesum Communications announces general availability of its Serial RapidIO 4.1 Streaming Endpoint Core for Microchip PolarFire programmable devices. The core simplifies the transport of real-time streaming data across RapidIO using the Part 10: Data Streaming Logical Specification, an emerging standard for sensor data transport.

Sensor Fusion is an umbrella term for applications that collect data from multiple sensors (cameras, analog to digital converters etc.) correlate and process it and then use the results to make decisions. In many cases this processing and decision making must be performed in real-time and could result in loss of life and/or property damage if the correct decision is not made in time. Examples of sensor fusion applications include autonomous vehicles, big science, radar processing, satellite imaging, and 5G beamforming.

There are many challenges involved in implementing sensor fusion such as:

  • Scalability:         Large numbers of sensors delivering high-bandwidth data.

  • Latency:             Critical when actionable results are needed in a real time environment.

  • Determinism:     Variability in latency is problematic where data streams need to be correlated.

  • Availability:       Failure of these systems can often result loss of life or property.

  • Power:               Particularly important in battery-powered or thermally-constrained systems

RapidIO technology from Praesum provides the optimum solution for sensor fusion challenges. In contrast with competing protocols, RapidIO offers peer to peer connectivity, low deterministic latency, and high availability features such as High Availability/Redundant System Hardware (HARSH) profiles. RapidIO also provides a rich range of packet semantics including non-coherent shared memory, streaming data, deterministic messaging, and time synchronization.

The streaming endpoint core is used to interface sensor data components such as analog to digital converters and cameras to RapidIO based sensor fusion architectures. Deployment of the core on PolarFire devices brings the benefits of Microchip’s low power non-volatile FPGAs to sensor fusion deployments. Advantages include up to 50% less power than SRAM based devices, small form factor packages, security, and configuration single event upset (SEU) immunity.

The core supports the PolarFire, PolarFire SoC and RT PolarFire family variants and provides the following benefits:

  • Complete implementation of Rev. 4.1 of the RapidIO Physical Layer LP-Serial protocol.

  • Implements RapidIO Error Management Extensions for robust fault detection.

  • Supports 1x, 2x, and 4x link widths at up to 5.0 Gbps per lane.

  • Implements the RapidIO MECS timestamp synchronization protocol, which supports precise synchronization of time bases between network nodes.

  • Supports the RapidIO High Availability Redundant System Hardware (HARSH) endpoint profile.

  • Industry standard AXI4 Stream interfaces simplify connection to customer IP.

“The availability of Praesum’s Serial RapidIO IP for the PolarFire FPGA family enables designers of high-reliability systems to build robust high-bandwidth data connections using our leading low-power, highly secure FPGAs,” said Ken O’Neill, Associate Director, Space and Aviation Marketing, in Microchip’s FPGA business unit. “We are delighted to be able to support Serial RapidIO with our PolarFire, RT PolarFire and PolarFire SoC FPGAs, enabling deployment of Serial RapidIO in a broad range of applications such as spaceflight hardware, defense and aviation equipment, automotive, industrial and communications systems”.

Praesum’s Serial RapidIO 4.1 Streaming Endpoint IP Core is available in two forms: As either encrypted or clear text System Verilog RTL for FPGAs. Specific technical features of the release on the Microchip PolarFire platform include:

  • Complete support for Libero Smart Design flow.

  • True push-button timing closure at all supported data rates.

  • Demo design available for several PolarFire development boards.

About Praesum Communications

Praesum Communications develops and deploys smart switching technologies in the form of IP cores, boards, and system level products. Our primary focus is delivering high bandwidth, low latency interconnect solutions for mission critical applications.

Founder and CEO Kent Dahlgren is a pioneer in the fields of communications and semiconductors, specializing in system level solutions for networking and telecommunications applications. Dahlgren’s innovations have resulted in multiple patents in the fields of network and switching technology.

Praesum Communications Inc. was founded in January 2000, with headquarters in Santa Rosa, Calif.. For more information, visit the Praesum web site at

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