Open Server Summit 2016

OSS 2016

April 13-14, 2016
Santa Clara Convention Center
Santa Clara, CA

IDT Logomobiveilprodrivesarokal_logo along with member companies Integrated Device Technology (IDT), Mobiveil, Prodrive, and Sarokal Test Systems attended the 2016 Open Server Summit (OSS 2016) Conference April 13-14, 2016 at booth #302-304. Event Information » demonstrated multiple low latency edge computing appliances at the 2016 Open Server Summit Conference. A 19 inch 1U rack mountable Top of Rack Switch with 38×20 Gbps RapidIO ports with 100ns latency featuring IDT’s RapidIO switching technology was shown. The chip technology used in this ToR switch appliance is used in a dominant share of 3G & 4G cellular base station deployments today.  In addition to the ToR switch appliance, a converged switch+server appliance was shown featuring 320 Gbps of built in RapidIO switching at 100ns latency with 4 computing sockets of Intel Broadwell CPUs clustered over RapidIO. The appliance also has up to 4TB of built-in co-located storage.  These innovative appliances have been developed in collaboration with Prodrive Technologies based on work in the OCP High Performance Computing Project targeting performance critical computing applications in HPC, Hyperscale data centers, Video Analytics, Financial Trading and Telco Mobile Edge Computing markets.  IDT and other member companies from the community, were present in the booth, with discussion focused on the benefits of these appliances for use in video analytics – a leading application in edge compute servers that are requisite to enable our 5G future.

Mobiveil provided details of its RapidIO 3.1  Controller (GRIO) IP solution. GRIO provides highly scalable bandwidth through a configurable data path width and clock frequency. It can be used as a Host or device in ASIC or FPGA Technologies.  GRIO when used along with Mobiveil’s RapidIO to AXI Bridge (RAB) provides high speed multi-channel DMA, Data Message and Data streaming functionality to match the bandwidth requirements of the RapidIO interface. It  has a simple, configurable and layered architecture, independent of applications, implementation tools, PHY Designs or most importantly target technology. The controller architecture is carefully tailored to optimize latency, power consumption, and silicon footprint, making it ideal for cost and performance sensitive applications.

IDT’s Devashish Paul, Director Strategic Marketing-Systems Solutions, also provided a presentation titled “Low Latency Video Analytics Servers”, which can be viewed below.

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