Intel Xeon Broadwell, RapidIO and AdvancedTCA for green and scalable embedded performance

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April 20th, 2016 – Prodrive Technologies, a world class innovator, designer and manufacturer of embedded solutions, announces today that it has selected Intel’s Broadwell architecture to drive scalable and efficient compute performance into its expanding customer base.

Today’s embedded applications, operating at the edge of research, science and technology, require more and more networked compute performance. Algorithmic complexity and ever increasing data rates in engineering areas such as machine vision, metrology and motion control demand for a computer architecture that scales as needed.

With the 14nm transistor node at its base, Xeon processors of the Intel Broadwell family represent unprecedented x86 compute performance per Watt consumed. The AdvancedTCA form factor brings in excellent reliability and scalability without the need of cables – for its backplane features high speed, protocol independent communication channels. In addition, AdvancedTCA’s hot swap capability ensures maximum availability and serviceability. RapidIO is the fabric of choice for real-time industrial and telecom applications. Datacenter standard 1, 10 and 40 Gigabit Ethernet is supported for SDN/NFV, datacenter and cloud applications.

“We are convinced we have made the right choice by selecting the Intel Broadwell DE and Broadwell EP based processors to drive our next generation of ATCA blades”, says Milan van den Muyzenberg, Director of Development at Prodrive Technologies. “Being able to offer industry’s leading x86 architecture in a scalable form factor and a variety of connectivity, and as a bonus supporting it with open software, offers flexibility to our customers that is unprecedented.”

Rick O’Connor, Executive Director at, adds: “These Prodrive hardware building blocks are crucial to allow flexible scale out of performance critical, low-latency applications over RapidIO fabrics. As our world continues to be more connected, people and machines have an increasing hunger for content rich processing, higher speeds and shorter response times – this Prodrive RapidIO based architecture fulfills that need.”.

The Broadwell-DE AMC is available ex-stock, follow this link for more information. The Broadwell-EP ATCA blade is available to order, contact your Prodrive Technologies sales team for more information.

About Prodrive Technologies Prodrive Technologies is a leading innovator, designer, manufacturer, integrator and provider of vertically integrated, high-end computing solutions, having a in-house all capabilities and competences necessary to build efficient computing systems and scale them out for customers to run demanding, performance-critical applications, with a proven track record.

Original Press Release posted on the Prodrive Technologies website can be found here.