Supercomputing at the Edge with Serial RapidIO by IDT

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The concept of Supercomputing at the Edge is driven from the desire to improve the management of Big Data. In Supercomputing at the Edge, we push some data center content to the edge of the access network, caching locally pertinent content closer to users and performing data analytics on streaming live data. It can be viewed as distributing data center functions to local nodes, which will enable further revenue-generation services and applications. This presentation explains the real world design of a Supercomputing at the Edge, with compute densities of up to petaflops per rack, leveraging today’s cutting-edge processors networked by 100ns low latency RapidIO. These machines will tackle the future with 5G performance, M2M and real-time usage cases, and ubiquitous wireless connectivity.

To learn more, watch the presentation below recorded at the Linley Carrier Conference “Supercomputing at the Edge with Serial RapidIO” by Trevor Hiatt, product manager at IDT.