RapidIO unified fabric QorIQ Clusters #FTF2015

FTF 2015 Conference Banner Final

June 22-25, 2015
JW Marriott Austin
Austin, Texas

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Join RapidIO.org at the Freescale Technology Forum (FTF 2015) to view a multi vendor demo and presentation from FreescaleFET Corp, Starbridge, System Fabric Works and RapidIO.  This demo consists of a multi-vendor setup using RapidIO as a unified fabric to scale out a cluster of 6 Freescale T4 processors.  The T4 processors run Linux with high performance RDMA transfers between local memory of each processor connected via 20Gbps ports over a RapidIO unified fabric.  The application SW running Monte Carlo Benchmark workloads on the T4s is provided by System Fabric Works and leverages the RapidIO.org open source datapath SW stack including standard RDMA APIs. The RapidIO switching fabric with an aggregate bandwidth of 192 Gbps is built by StarBridge and uses IDT RapidIO switch chips.  Overall fabric performance in the system is monitored using FETCorp’s RapidFET network management and diagnostic tool.

We’ll also be presenting a technical session:

Title: RapidIO Unified Fabric for QorIQ T4 Series Scale Out
Date: Thursday June 25th at 11am
Session number: FTF-SNT-F1443 on Thursday June 25th at 11am

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