Prodrive Technologies Launches PRSB-760G2 for large RapidIO networks

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March 3, 2015 – Prodrive Technologies extends its range of RapidIO Gen2 products with the PRSB-760G2, offering a market-leading 760Gbps of aggregate full-duplex bandwidth.

The new PRSB-760G2 boasts twelve Integrated Device Technology (IDT) switches, in a balanced setup, creating a total of 2400Gbps internal transparent and fully non-blocking bandwidth. This setup features six IDT CPS-1848 and six IDT CPS-1432 switches, creating 32 QSFP+ downlink ports and 6 CPX uplink ports, all available on the front of this 1U high 19” switch box.

Designed for large node-count networks, the PRSB-760G2 enables RapidIO for large C-RAN networks, low-latency Datacenter and HPC solutions, heterogeneous Industrial and Medical networks, at an unprecedented 100ns – 300ns port-to-port latency, scalable to 64K nodes in a network of spine and leaf switches.

Prodrive Technologies’ Meshworks Suite is an innovative network design, simulation, diagnostic and visualization software package, which enables rapid and firs-time-right deployment. This software package gives system integrators and networks admins full control over all aspects of the RapidIO fabric, from low level port control to fabric routing, changing QoS settings and obtaining details diagnostics about performance. IPMI over LAN interfaces allow for automation of management tasks, tight platform integration, diagnostics and failure reporting.

Combined with the soon to-be-available PRPB-40G2 (RapidIO <> PCIe NIC) RapidIO will be made available for any existing server or HPC environment for ~220ns port-to-port latency.

About Prodrive Technologies

Prodrive Technologies B.V. is a leading innovator, designer, manufacturer, integrator and provider of vertically integrated, high-end computing solutions, having in-house all capabilities and competences necessary to build efficient computing systems and scale them out for customers to run demanding, performance-critical applications.

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