2014 RapidIO.org Year in Review


As we head into 2015, we wanted to take a look back at the significant RapidIO.org related events of 2014.  As you’ll see, the RapidIO.org community was very active with several key initiatives underway as well as several new members joining the community.

Here are 3 key highlights from the year (a full listing of all the 2014 activity follows the 3 highlights):

  • RapidIO is being used in HPC analytics with the production release of the HP Moonshot Proliant m800 cartridge which leverages TI’s ARM based Keystone II DSPs clustered over a RapidIO 2D torus unified fabric.  PayPal is using this platform for real time analytics processing. RapidIO based Analytics at PayPal

  • Through the strong commitment of our Technical Working Group contributors, the RapidIO 10xN 3.1 Specification was released last October bringing additional High Availability and Fault Tolerant extensions to the current RapidIO specification in order to address critical system performance needs of Military and Aerospace applications and support the Next Generation Space Interconnect Standard (NGSIS) RapidIO.org releases revision 3.1 of the RapidIO 10xN Specification Stack

New RapidIO.org Members for 2014

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RapidIO.org Activity for 2014

Strong Ecosystem Jan 11 2015 Graphic for 2014 Year in Review Email

Thank you to all of our members for your continued support and we are looking forward to a successful 2015! Also, don’t forget to connect with us on Social Media for even more RapidIO.org related news, events and information.



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