RapidIO.org Demonstrates Low Latency Energy Efficient Supercomputing Platforms at ISC Leipzig

RapidIO.org Member companies showcase heterogeneous computing systems for Supercomputing market by leveraging RapidIO specifications for Data Center Compute and Networking systems

Austin, TX –10 June, 2014 – RapidIO.org, the organization that promotes and develops standards for the RapidIO interconnect architecture, will exhibit several low latency, energy efficient multiprocessor systems for the supercomputing market leveraging x86, PowerPC, FPGA and DSP technology at the International Supercomputing Conference Leipzig, Germany June 22-26 in Booth 505. These open platforms, representing multi-vendor collaboration within the entire RapidIO ecosystem, will be the first public display of standard computing solutions utilizing a 20 Gbps per port RapidIO interconnect fabric for the server and HPC market.

At ISC Leipzig, the RapidIO demonstrations of supercomputing technology will be showcased featuring systems, software and silicon from Concurrent Technologies PLC, Fabric Embedded Tools, Freescale Semiconductor, Integrated Device Technology, NAT Europe, Prodrive Technologies and Texas Instruments.  These demonstrations will include the following capabilities:

o   Intel I7 based multiprocessor 20 Gbps RapidIO based Hadoop cluster
o   Power PC based multiprocessor 20 Gbps RapidIO based Hadoop cluster
o   Energy efficient DSP based supercomputing with 6.4 Gflops per watt of processing capacity
o   Heterogeneous, multinode 20 Gbps RapidIO Fabric network
o   HP Moonshot Texas Instruments Keystone II based ARM and DSP cartridge with RapidIO interconnect

“It is clear that supercomputing market end customers require open, multi vendor, industry standards based on low latency multiprocessor interconnect fabrics” said Rick O’Connor, Executive Director of RapidIO.org, “The portfolio of platforms the RapidIO.org community is demonstrating at ISC Leipzig showcases the maturity of RapidIO based products which are already mainstream in 100% of the 4G base station market.   All of the latency, energy efficiency and scalability advantages of RapidIO in embedded systems are being demonstrated in system level solutions for the supercomputing market”

Orange Silicon Valley, the wholly owned US innovation subsidiary of Telecommunications giant Orange will be demonstrating a Hadoop based Big Data use case on a low latency RapidIO cluster. Orange Silicon Valley is investigating the possibility of supercomputing performance in the edge of the mobile network infrastructure by leveraging ultra low latency, energy efficient wireless base station, aerospace and space grade RapidIO fabrics.

“This is a great example of what open industry wide collaboration can do to transform technology deployment in markets.  It is exciting to see the RapidIO member companies running a Hadoop cluster on the 20 Gbps RapidIO network,” said Jag Bolaria, Principal Analyst at the Linley Group, “These platforms showcased at ISC will provide strong solutions for both supercomputing as well as the addition of computing functionality into wireless networks where RapidIO is a main stream technology.”

The RapidIO Trade Association will also present at the ISC Exhibitor Innovation Forum, “DCCN – Open Source Data Center Compute & Networking System” on Wednesday, June 25, 2014 02:00 pm.  This session is open to all ISC Exhibition attendees.

About RapidIO
The RapidIO Interconnect Architecture, designed to be compatible with the most popular integrated host processors, communications processors, and digital signal processors, is a high-performance, packet-switched, interconnect fabric. RapidIO addresses performance critical computing needs in Data Center & HPC, Communications Infrastructure, Industrial Automation and Military & Aerospace markets offering high reliability, increased bandwidth, and low latency in an intra-system fabric. RapidIO provides chip-to-chip, board-to-board and shelf-to-shelf peer to peer connectivity at performance levels scaling to 100s of Gigabits per second and beyond. RapidIO.org a non-profit corporation controlled by its members, directs the future development and drives the adoption of the RapidIO architecture.

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Drop by booth 505 at the International Supercomputing Conference June 22 – 26, 2014 in Leipzig, Germany to see the RapidIO multi-vendor Data Center Compute & Networking (DCCN) platform: http://rapidio.wpengine.com/2014/05/international-supercomputing-conference/