Prodrive Technologies attending ISC’14 in Leipzig

June 23, 2014 – Prodrive Technologies will attend the International Supercomputing Conference (ISC’14) in Leipzig, from June 23 to 26. Prodrive Technologies will join IDT and the, showcasing our ARM + DSP based HPC platform with the low latency high bandwidth RapidIO interconnect technology.

For the ISC’14 a demonstration is set up, showcasing 8 ARM+DSP nodes. Each node consists of 4 ARM A15 cores and 24 high-performance DSP cores, using the Texas Instruments KeyStone 2 (Hawking) and KeyStone 1 (Shannon) chipsets. RapidIO Gen 2 will create a low-latency network with 20Gbps connections between each node.

Prodrive Technologies’ demonstration software will showcase LINPACK compute-performance numbers, combined with synchronized power performance measurements. The full RapidIO network (including bandwidth performance) is displayed using Prodrive Technologies’ advanced Network Visualization tooling.

Come visit us at booth 505