Prodrive Technologies announces its Datacenter – HPC system (DCCP-280) with RapidIO & 10 Gigabit Ethernet

February 1, 2014 – Prodrive Technologies announces its datacenter mother board solution, based on industry standards[1].

It provides high throughput, low latency, scalability and flexibility. Ideal for data center operators, supercomputing centers and financial trading organizations.

The mother board inside the system can carry up to four daughter cards, with each 20Gbps interconnect and 100ns latency switching performance, suiting high demanding applications for example in analytics.

The RapidIO interconnect takes care of the outstanding switching performance, based on IDT switches. With its low latency, reliability and multi-processor scalability, it perfectly serves the use for high performance computing and IO applications. A 10 Gigabit Ethernet connection enables seamless integration with commercially available top-of-rack switches.

Packed in an industry standard 19” enclosure, Prodrive Technologies’ DCCP-280 allows customers to quickly build large systems for high performance computing applications.

Visitors of Facebooks’ Open Compute Summit on January 30th, could already catch a glimpse of the DCCP-280 system. The official announcement will be made at the

upcoming Linley Data Center Conference 2014[2].

Six months ago, Prodrive Technologies started chairing the DCCN (Data Center Compute and Networking) group under the RTA (RapidIO Trade Association), a consortium of multiple global partners. With the variety of the members, from silicon vendors, IP core developers, networking and switch developers, CPU and FPGA developers, including Prodrive Technologies as a system integrator, it is a strong and multi-disciplinary team with a sound and solid future vision.

This product showcases a perfect example of open specifications. From an initial concept to a qualified design in a short timeframe, it is a promise for the future.

Please contact[3] for more information and availability.

Link to RTA press release[4]
Link to IDT RapidIO® press release[5]

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