Prodrive B.V. announces powerful ARM and DSP AMC card based on Keystone II architecture from Texas Instruments

Son, the Netherlands – Prodrive B.V., World Class electronic and mechatronic solution provider, announced today a new advanced mezzanine card (AMC), combining ARM® and Digital Signal Processor (DSP) processing for advanced processing, high performance compute and imaging solutions. The KeyStone II-based processor, integrating multiple ARM Cortex-A15 MPCore processors and TMS320C66x DSPs, from Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) was chosen because it gives the highest performance at the lowest power level.

The PDAK2H is a full-size AMC module that combines four ARM Cortex-A15 RISC cores with anywhere from eight to 24 C66x DSP CorePacs for unprecedented computational performance. Up to 26GB of DDR3 can be equipped to fully address the needs for a wide variety of markets including high performance computing (HPC), industrial and medical imaging, wireless infrastructure, communication, radar and more.

Serial RapidIO (S-RIO) has been chosen as the primary interconnect, where S-RIO is optimized for multi-node embedded systems. RapidIO Gen2 offers a 20Gbps per port infrastructure, with superior Quality of Service (QoS) and reliability (robustness). Serial RapidIO has the lowest end-to-end packet latency compared to other standard SERDES connections.

“We are excited to collaborate with a dynamic company like Prodrive on harnessing the rich features of our KeyStone II architecture,” said Arnon Friedmann, business manager, DSP, TI. “Customers looking to amplify their HPC, imaging and other applications requiring intense processing will benefit from the high performance at a low power levels provided by TI’s KeyStone II-based processors.”

Pieter Janssen, CEO at Prodrive, said: “This new module perfectly fits our objective to sell advanced computing solutions, where we can add value on multiple levels. Texas Instruments and Prodrive share the philosophy that price competitiveness should be accompanied by a high level of quality and reliability, a pre-requisite in embedded solutions. ”

A variety of options is available for the PDAK2H platform, with different memory sizes. The PDAK2H uses a piggyback construction to be able to add two C6678 SoC’s. This construction also enables the option to add a Virtex-7 FPGA piggyback or any custom solution.

Prodrive and nCore ( combine strengths to offer low power High Performance Computing (HPC) solutions. “nCore is excited to partner with Prodrive on advanced capabilities for Customers targeting Embedded High Performance Computing”, said Ian Lintault, Managing Director at nCore HPC, “Our Lithium Suite of software tools are the fastest way to productivity and performance on the PDAK2H board.”

About Prodrive Computing Solutions

Today’s markets require an ever-increasing level of technology and innovation, while maintaining price-competitiveness. Prodrive’s Computing Solutions Group (CSG) focuses on (re) selling processing solutions and offer added value for end-customers. Standardization and road mapping reduce risk and time-to-market and increase overall competitiveness. Prodrive combines in-house development and production and is therefore able to control quality, logistics and cost. Having an extensive development background Prodrive has all capabilities to customize its products for the perfect-fit-solution.

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