Fabric Embedded Tools Corp introduces RapidFET(tm) Probe2.0 to address testing needs for Gen2 RapidIO® systems

RapidFET(tm) Probe2.0 is designed to facilitate testing of both RapidIO Gen1 and Gen2 based systems

Ottawa, Canada – April 3, 2012 – Fabric Embedded Tools Corporation (FET), the leading provider of RapidIO Network Management and Diagnostic Tools, today announces full production status on their RapidFET Probe2.0 product line. RapidFET Probe2.0 was introduced in the fall of 2011 and helped address a significant back log of demand for external diagnostic capabilities for all RapidIO systems but especially those that now operate at Gen2 data rates of 5.0 Gbps and 6.25 Gbps per lane. RapidFET Probe2.0 is used in conjunction with RapidFET Professional software to perform RapidIO network management and diagnostic functions such as active/passive system discovery, enumeration and routing table initialization including various types of performance and error monitoring. Probe2.0, which includes an IDT CPS1616 Gen2 RapidIO switch, has unique capabilities as a traffic generator, and a packet error generator that can aid in hardware and/or software error recovery testing. It is also often used to facilitate the optimization of IDT Gen2 switch SERDES settings for specific channel characteristics.

“IDT is pleased to have tools such as FET’s RapidFET Probe2.0 available to support our customers’ Gen2 RapidIO hardware development and system diagnostic needs” said Stephane Gagnon, Director of Product Management, IDT. “Our customers are able to enjoy quality commercially available tools that work directly with IDT evaluation boards as well as custom designed hardware.”

“RapidFET Probe2.0 is an excellent complement to the other existing RapidFET tools such as RapidFET Professional and some of the new AMC and VPX adapter boards introduced by FET earlier this year”, said Sam Fuller, Executive Director of the RapidIO Trade Association. “Having Gen2 RapidIO tools is an important part of the RapidIO ecosystem and makes RapidIO even easier to use”.
”IDTs expertise and excellent support staff have been instrumental in helping us during the developmental phase of our Probe2.0 product” said Jim Parisien, President of Fabric Embedded Tools Corporation. “We have been working very closely with IDT to ensure that their RapidIO customers can get the tools they need quickly, and with a level of quality and ease of use that they have come to expect from FET”.

The RapidFET product line includes RapidFET Professional, RapidFET Probe, RapidFET Middleware, and RapidFET JTAG. Where RapidFET Professional and Probe2.0 are geared toward system level RapidIO in-band network management and diagnostics, RapidFET JTAG is focused on out-of-band diagnostic techniques via JTAG and I2C for IDT switches. These tools closely complement each other and provide a complete RapidIO development solution.

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