RapidIO Trade Association Welcomes Back Sam Fuller as RTA Executive Director

RapidIO Trade Association Welcomes Back Sam Fuller as RTA Executive Director

March 23rd 2012
Austin, Texas

The RapidIO® Trade Association (RTA) announced today that it has selected Sam Fuller as the new executive director of the organization. The RapidIO Trade Association is preparing for its next phase of growth starting with the launch and commercialization of the RapidIO 10xN standard (version 3.0) which is currently under development and also intends to extend RapidIO’s market footprint to new untapped applications such as cloud-oriented data centers.

Sam Fuller was one of the co-founders of the RapidIO Trade Association in 1999 and served as its first chairman while working at Motorola Semiconductor. He also served as executive director of the RapidIO Trade Association from 2002 through 2004. Sam continued to support the proliferation of RapidIO while working as vice president of marketing at Applied Micro, where RapidIO was included on several processor products targeted at wireless infrastructure and high performance embedded markets.

“I am really excited to have the opportunity to reengage with the RapidIO community. The opportunities have never been better for RapidIO. The RapidIO technology provides an open standard interconnect optimized for high performance, low power, multi processor embedded computing. The worldwide growth of wired and wireless communications technologies such as HSPA+ and LTE and the growing focus on efficient data centers creates tremendous new growth opportunities for the RapidIO interconnect technology and for the Trade Association member companies” said Sam Fuller. “I am also extremely interested in finding ways to extend the performance of RapidIO technology from 40 Gbps to 100 Gbps and beyond in the coming years”.

“The RTA Steering Committee is excited to have Sam Fuller back as Executive Director for the Trade Association. We look forward to working with him to maximize the market potential of our next generation 10xN standard. This is a perfect opportunity for RapidIO to expand its presence in wireless base stations and enter new areas such as data center and cloud computing applications,” said Stephane Gagnon, chairman of the RTA Steering Committee and director of product management at IDT.

Over his career, Sam has written many white papers and articles about the high performance embedded computing market and in particular about the requirements for open standard switch fabrics to support ever increasing system performance requirements. Sam was the principle author of the book “RapidIO: The Embedded Interconnect”, which was published in 2005 in English and Mandarin. Sam is also fluent in Mandarin, which will enable RapidIO’s continued proliferation in the Chinese markets.

The RapidIO Trade Association will be providing a RapidIO Gen 2 multi vendor interop demonstration and associated exhibits at the Embedded Systems Conference DesignWest event in booth #616 at the San Jose Convention Center on March 26 – 29, 2012.

Sam Fuller
Executive Director
RapidIO Trade Association
Cell: +1512-576-0254

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